Andrew Kahn is certified by the Yoga Alliance as an ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) and is an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist.) He has been practicing yoga since 1981 and teaching since 1986. Mr. Kahn has extensive training in Yoga from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, where he studied and taught as a resident for four years. He was the Holistic Health Director of the DeSisto School in Massachusetts and an athletic supervisor at the JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly, NJ. Andrew graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ramapo College's Honors Program with a BA in Psychology and studied clinical psychology in Fordham University's PhD program before shifting his attention to yoga and holistic healing.

*Note to new students and clients: We are a one of a kind yoga and massage studio serving a unique community and so some of our practices may be different from what you are used to.  Please have an open mind and don't be put off by the existence of some separate classes for men and women and holidays of which you may have never heard. Give us a try and you will soon find what others are finding every week. We are inviting, warm, friendly and offer something of high quality. Ultimately our aim is to grow and to serve as many people as possible. Please do let us know if there is something we can do better.

About Us- Some of The Peaceful Presence Team

Letters of support and recommendations for Andrew Kahn

5 Towns Community 

Mazal tov on the publication of How to be a Peaceful Presence and thank you for so thoughtfully providing me with a copy and including such a kind, lovely inscription.  I have had a chance to peruse your book and find it rich with good advice, common sense, and simple wisdom.  
Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg

Rabbi Wolowik gives his blessing to Andrew and the work of the Peaceful Presence Studio.
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Teaching yoga to the over-50 population:
Letter received from The Valley Hospital.

"It feels so good to be in the hands of a 'PRO.' Thanks for the yoga experience." 
Harville Hendrix Ph.D., Author of New York Times Bestseller,Getting the Love You Want. 12/2/2001

Teaching yoga and holistic health to children and young adults:
Letter received from The DeSisto School.

"Andrew Kahn was a student of mine in Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training. He was an extraordinarily fine student and a gifted teacher. His classes are taught with skill, confidence, gentleness and spirit.
Deva Parnel, Director of Yoga Education Kripalu Center, 1995

Joseph has been studying martial arts for more than 15 years.  He began his Tai Chi training in 1997 at Red Dragon Kung Fu Center under Sifu Rafael Gomez, and has been studying Tai Chi and Qigong extensively with Sifu Joseph Laracuenta since 2002.  “Our goal is to live a long and healthy life.  By focusing on ourselves we get to improve the quality of our life.  And by expressing that quality outward we get to improve the lives of others.”

Joseph is also a certified instructor by the Arthritis Foundation. 
Medal Winner, US Open Martial Arts Championship, Queens, NY 2009 – 2012 Advanced open hand and weapon forms. 

Suri is our main women's massage therapist. She is highly skilled and has a warm and nurturing manner. She uses a variety of techniques and can provide prenatal massage.

Trish Alpert, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. 

Malky who is also a dula has been a great new addition to our team in 2016. She is passionate about yoga and her love of the practice comes through her classes. She is known for her excellent hands on approach. 

Yoga is a passion for Devorah. She often participates in consecutive classes at our studio either as a student or a teacher. Holding yoga certification at the 200 hour level, her classes are a blend of step by step instruction, yoga flows, core strengthening, yogic breathing techniques and gentle hands-on adjustments with massage. She promotes “experiencing the sensation in the pose’’ by encouraging her students to focus on the pose along with the breath. She can be found teaching late at night or early in the morning and includes her family members to encourage them in achieving their own good health, both in mind and body. Devorah is a wife, mother of eight and grandmother. She feels that yoga brings people in touch with the secrets of their own body and allows them to change old habits and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Lisa Bialostok, a native of Taiwan, has been a big asset to the Peaceful Presence Yoga Studio. Her fitness, grace, and passion for teaching along with her knowledge of many healthy dietary practices are only a part of what attracts large numbers of students to her classes. She has a story of recovery that is inspiring and speaks of uncommon strength (I will let her tell you that story herself).  For many years she had a successful wedding gown business in the community which she found extremely stressful.  Through both formal and informal training, she cultivated a yoga practice which she loves to share with the community.   One example of her dedication to teaching shows in the great strides she has made in her use of the English language to communicate to her students.

Andrew is a founding member of the Gainesville Yoga Teachers Association. He has taught Holistic Health Education for the Government and at the University of Florida. As a yoga practitioner and spiritual seeker, Andrew cultivates a peaceful presence. He seeks to increase health, vitality, creativity, and joy within himself and to facilitate the same process in others. Peace of mind is an experience of stillness and connection even within the midst of activity. As more people achieve an inner peace, this radiates outwards into the family, community, and throughout the world.

Testimonials and recommendations are below. 

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Estee has been a licensed massage therapist since 1999. She lives in the 5 Towns. She especially likes to work with people who enjoy developing their mind body connection. She addresses specific aches and pains and general relaxation.  Prenatal clients are welcome. Her massages incorporate Swedish techniques along with some Shiatsu. She customizes each of her sessions to the clients needs and requests.

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