Please note that for personal yoga instruction or group classes, it is preferable not to eat for 2 hours before a session. For yoga class, please dress in loose or stretchable clothing.

Group yoga classes including Prenatal Yoga*                                                                                                                                          
For the current group yoga class schedule details click on the
schedule tab above. For group yoga please use our back parking lot entrance unless it says Central Ave. Classes generally 75 minutes. Type of class, Women/ Men is indicated on the schedule.

We have three kinds of classes:

(1) The first level is our easiest kind and these classes are ideal for beginners, women who are prenatal*, and anyone who just wants a gentle experience. These are called Restorative Yoga or Easy Flow Yoga on our schedule.
(2) The second level is moderate in difficulty. These classes are for those who want more of a physical challenge. On the schedule they are called AM Yoga, Women's Yoga, Candle Light Yoga, Mixed Level, and Yoga 4 Men.
(3) The third level are our dynamic or most physically vigorous. These classes are intended for those who have experience with yoga and who are prepared to exert themselves. On our schedule these classes are called Dynamic Yoga. 

*For prenatal yoga we suggest having your doctors approval to practice, telling the yoga instructor where you are in your pregnancy, and that you take extra care not to twist or compress your abdominal area in any of the postures. Also, please rest or modify your practice to keep it gentle for your unique body.

Fees: One Beginner Special per new student only: 
See Intro Offers
Then $20 per class ($18 if paid on-line) or $130 for 8 classes (valid for two months). 
See services/fees for other options.
The schedule is the go-to place for even last minute changes. If you have any doubt and would like to be absolutely certain that a class is taking place, call or text 516.371.3715. Most often you do not need to preregister,  drop-ins are welcome. 

Licensed Massage Therapy

Thai Yoga
This deeply relaxing experience uses hands-on assistance to facilitate movement at each joint in your body. You will feel balanced, peaceful, and restored. You'll be left with a more open body, increased range of motion, improved circulation, and an over-all sense of well being. Warning this experience is highly addictive.

Personal Yoga Instruction or Yoga Therapy
This may involve developing a yoga practice tailored to your individual needs and physical abilities. A typical session lasts 60 minutes and may include warm-up stretches, yoga postures, breathing techniques, guided relaxation, meditation, and holistic lifestyle instruction. You may receive guidance in developing your own at home practice. Hands-on assistance is tailored to your preferences.

Personal Fitness
Work with our certified personal fitness instructor in our studio or in your home to get fit at your own pace and focusing on your priorities. 

Personal Consultations
We are happy to talk to you and respond to a few simple questions for free. 
If you want more, did you know that you can have a 10 or 15 minute one time or a monthly check in where you can ask questions, assess your progress, and get trusted guidance. You will be making a commitment to stay on track toward your full potential. Ask if you want a greater commitment. This is good for in person, phone, Skype, Tango, etc. You may ask any questions or seek guidance as long as it is within our scope of practice. This includes but is not limited to dealing with stress, promoting health and vitality naturally, general healthy eating guidance, learning to improve focus, learning to let go and relax, building strength, increasing flexibility, promoting circulation, developing balance, dealing with specific physical pains, meditation training, yoga and breathing guidance, lifestyle suggestions, etc. 

Yoga Parties 
Parties are for children or adults and can be focused on a theme. A typical class includes warm-up stretches,

partner postures, other interactive experiences, guided relaxation, and meditation. These classes are fun, energizing, and set a great tone for your gathering. Parties range from 45 minutes to 3 hours. 

Corporate Classes and Holistic Health Seminars
Generally for the business community, these classes can be delivered in almost any setting. The seminars often include group participation with simple seated and standing yoga, breathing techniques for relaxation and alertness, holistic lifestyle principles, and guided meditation. Seminars range from one 2-hour session to four 2-hour sessions.

Services in detail

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call/text us at  (516) 371-3715