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Thank you in advance for helping us continue to grow by gently but firmly helping to enforce
these necessary guideline at the studio.
We greatly appreciate your understanding!

Business Policies with Staff​

For current and prospective staff, guest teachers/presenters, students and clients, and for those who wish to help us continue to grow:

First, being in business is challenging and we want to thank you for caring about our health and vitality as an organization. We want to continue to create an environment of honesty, respect, and trust, with clearly defined operational boundaries.

Our aim is not only survive but to grow and thrive. We want to expand and deepen our service to you with even more classes, private instruction, workshops, learning opportunities, and perhaps with additional studios to serve in other communities.

In an effort to keep on this track we have developed certain policies.

Our staff members (yoga teachers, massage therapists, and those who provide other services at or through the studio) have signed contracts or have verbally agreed to abide by the following policies. If a team member is not doing so, he or she is compromising not only their own integrity but the integrity of our business. He or she may be harming our growth and diminishing the professional development and opportunities of our other dedicated staff members who play by the rules.

We kindly ask that if you are aware of, or become aware of, any such behavior that you report it at once. You may send an email to or if you prefer you may report it anonymously by visiting our contact us page and sending us all of the details while withholding your own personal contact information.  If you prefer, you may also leave us an anonymous note, send us a letter, or call.

The main points of the contract(s) signed by and/or agreed to by all of our staff are summarized below:

  1. Staff members have agreed not to divert business away from the studio.
    ​​It is not proper or respectful for anyone who attends classes at or visits our studio to use the studio for promoting their own business or professional purposes when these compete with ours, are the very same, or similar to the services we offer. This includes giving out business cards, personal email addresses, phone numbers or other personal information for the purpose of establishing a private relationship with clients or other staff of the studio, or their friends and family,  without the explicit written permission of the director (Andrew Kahn).  One must go through the proper channels and follow the appropriate business protocol. Please help our business stay strong by not asking for our staff's personal contact information and forming independent professional relationships with them.

  2. Staff members may not to steal from the studio either by pocketing payments made for a class and/or engaging in business deals at the expense of the studio (examples: accepting a large cash tip in lieu of paying the full price to the studio for a service rendered; using the studio space or equipment for personal gain without agreement from the owner.)
  3. Staff members have agreed not to open another yoga studio, yoga teacher training facility or massage office within a 2 mile radius of the studio.
  4. Staff members have agreed not to engage in any sexual relationships with clients.
  5. Staff members have agreed to conduct themselves professionally and with integrity at all times or else risk loss of employment at the studio, revocation of their PPYS certification, or other action.

Emphasis on minimizing disruptions after class starts

  1. All students are asked to do their very best to arrive on time so that class can begin at its scheduled time and proceed without distractions caused by interruptions.  Please choose to go to classes that you can make it to on time.
  2. If a student is (on the rare occasion) late for class they may still enter between 0-10 minutes after the class has begun if they do so very quietly and with consideration for the others who are already settled in and practicing.
  3. After 10 minutes into the class, students are asked not to enter in order to keep the environment peaceful and disturbance free. Teachers may lock the doors to protect the calm environment.  It is up to the teacher to enforce this policy.

Yoga Mats

We recommend that everyone invest in their own mat.  We currently offer free mat lending if you clean the mat afterwards  and $2 mat rental if you would like us to clean the mat for you.   

Ask about our Eagle Mat Storage & Cleaning Program if you wish to leave your mat at the studio. In this program mats must be labeled and placed in the correct location for cleaning.


Group Yoga/Attendance Policy

To attend class new students and clients must complete and sign a hard copy of our health form/waiver. Click to print Yoga form or Massage form.

The studio is a safe place where everyone is welcome but anyone with a fever or active contagious illness should not come for services or attend classes.

​When you buy a package you agree to take on some of the risk and responsibility for the studio.

We are unfortunately not able to give refunds or time extensions on our series and packages. All sales are final. In the event of an unexpected injury or illness we will suspend your package. This freeze will begin only after the date that you notify us in writing (email is fine) and it may not be done retroactively, for time that has already elapsed. Teachers, rent, utility must all be paid even if you are taking a break for a great reason.  Therefor, please exercise care when making your purchase to ensure that you will be able to complete your package within the time given. Please do not ask for exceptions to this.  When you pre-register for a group class, if you do not cancel the registration 60 minutes or more before the class then it counts as if you had taken the class. 

Yoga packages, series, and other purchases may not exceed the time allotted (except as specified above) and all certificates and credits remaining in our system are void after 1 year of non-use. Please do not ask for exceptions to this.

If we cancel a session we will hold your credit for you to use for 6 months.

We love all of our clients and we appreciate your commitment to Peaceful Presence Studio. Please understand that our strict adherence to our business policies helps us to continue serving for the long haul.We can not give extensions nor make exceptions to our written policies.

We reserve the right to limit purchases and utilization of our "unlimited" packages and all other offers, and to make changes to our fees or schedule of classes at any time. Some restrictions apply to our promotions and we reserve the right to terminate a service or decline to provide any service at any time. We are not responsible for typing or other errors in our promotions.  

Sliding scale & work-exchange may be available. Ask if you would like to be considered for this.

All gift certificates and coupons must be turned in at the time of service and must be redeemed before the expiration date.

Business Policies with Students & Clients

Receiving our services includes an agreement to help keep PPYS viable by not forming independent yoga, massage or related business relationships with the staff of Peaceful Presence Studio (PPYS), thereby cutting out PPYS. This would undermine our efforts and the financial viability of the studio. Referrals must go through Andrew Kahn LLC rather than making direct referrals to our teachers or therapists. Please refrain from sharing or soliciting personal telephone numbers, emails, etc for these purposes.

with 4 or more hours notice-
No charge
with under 4  hours notice- 
50% charge
with no notice-
The full session price is expected

Cancellation Policy

For missed private sessions (yoga, massage, Thai yoga...) :

Studio Policies With Clients

Andrew in Warrior II Pose​

Lisa in Triangle Pose​

Yoga sessions are with certified and highly skilled instructors and are geared to the ability of those in attendance.   

Director: Andrew Kahn, ERYT, LMT
Registered and Certified Professional Level Yoga Instructor, and Licensed Massage Therapist

Gratefully Serving the unique* Five Towns and the Surrounding Communities!

*Note to new students and clients: We are a one of a kind yoga and massage studio serving a unique community and so some of our practices may be different from what you are used to.  Please have an open mind and don't be put off by separate classes for men and women and holidays of which you may have never heard. Give us a try and you will soon find what others are finding every week. We are inviting, warm, friendly and offer something of high quality.  Ultimately our aim is to grow and to serve as many people as possible. Please let us know if there is something we can do better.​

Pictured below is the Central Avenue entrance. The door just to the left of Toddy's Bagels.

Pictured below is the back  entrance 
This is between Washington Ave. and Spruce St., behind Toddy's & near the entrance of the Cedarhurst, CVS pharmacy.

We make it easy! You don't need to become a member. If you are brand new just show up five minutes before class to fill out our short form or print the yoga form or  massage formnow, fill it out, and bring it with you. Advance sign up for classes is preferred. 

Use our back shopping center entrance, the Gourmet Glatt/ CVS entrance (the parking lot entrance) for group classes and the front Central Avenue entrance for private sessions or to visit.  
436 Central Avenue, Unit 1, Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Studio and Policies

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call/text us at  (516) 371-3715

Thank you

for your understanding and for helping us

to serve you

and others

over the long run.

Our spacious yoga room is pictured above.

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