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Practicing Yoga safely and avoiding injuries

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In The Jewish Home, June 2017
A Journey to a Peaceful Presence

Nassau Herald Article
"Yoga in the park, A way to achieve serenity in the bustling village of Cedarhurst" 

In the Jewish Star on Oct 10, 2008

More of Miriam's Musings/ A peaceful message

"Yoga and Judaism-Perfect Together"

Yoga for Haiti Day/results at the PPYS article in the 5TJT

A Peaceful Presence in Cedarhurst  
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A Peaceful Presence In Cedarhurst

Finding Inner Peace in the 5TJT

Yoga before or after grocery shopping in the Jewish Star

"Yoga Anyone?"  
An article about our studio appearing on December 2010 in Esra Magazine

"Yes to Yoga"

Relieve Your Stress. Become Present
An article appearing on the OU website with step by step instructions. 

Articles on Yoga 

Yoga is for Everyone

This article is from The Jewish Woman magazine.  

On Practicing Safe Yoga


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Articles published by the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Association Bulletin, written by, or citing Andrew Kahn, ERYT, LMT.
 Article 1Article 2Article 3.

Articles on the benefits of yoga for various conditions
From WebMD Health: Yoga May Aid Body Image, Cut Eating Disorders. Yoga may make women feel better about their bodies, steering them away from eating disorders, a new study shows. Click here for more: 

On breathing

How to Meditate

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