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call/text us at  (516) 371-3715

Our Policies:   We love our students and clients, appreciate your commitment, and thank you for your support in adhering to our policies. You are responsible for knowing  our policies before paying.  Please do not ask us to make even one-time exceptions.  It is our strict adherence to them that enables us to continue serving for the long haul. We can not give time extensions nor make other exceptions to our written policies and offers. Thank you for your understanding. 

​​No membership required
​Advance class sign-in preferred
​Walk-ins welcome

​​​436 Central Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516

Use back, lot entrance for group yoga classes & Central Avenue entrance for private sessions or visits.​

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P  e  a  c  e.
It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.  (unknown)

The white dove, our logo, is a universal symbol of hope and peace.  At Peaceful Presence Studio the inner peace that we strive for includes an overall sense of well-being. Well-being comes from practices that promote mental focus, physical health, strength, flexibility, relaxation, emotional calm, and spiritual integrity. May peace grow within us and may we be a peaceful presence in the world around us.

There are many reliable things that can be done to secure peace.  Along with the pure and gentle qualities of the dove, cultivating the strengths exemplified by other animals also has a place.

Promoting Health, Vitality & Peace
​with Yoga,  Licensed Massage Therapy & More